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My name is Nikoll Lolea
(Ma Prem Adima). 

I am happy to invite you to walk with me on the path of yoga and meditation.  I sought yoga during a difficult period of my life, when I needed inner peace, peace and connection with myself more than ever. It helped me live with awareness, consciousness and gratitude. In the modern way of life we run more and faster, more and more is constantly required of us. This intensity of the daily routine, stored stress, blocked emotions, prevent energy from flowing in our body. Through yoga and meditation, experiential exercises, tantra, dance and laughter we learn to remove these blockages, to “cleanse” our body of everything oppressed, to breathe and thus allow energy to flow back into our body. I wish this website would inspire you and help you take the first step, try and explore this ancient art of conscious practice, and deepen your understanding of life. 

I am waiting for you together to walk this bright path.


About Yoga

- Asana
- Pranayama
- Meditation


Angelic Reiki
Usui Reiki

Kinds of Yoga

- Vinyasa Yoga
- Yoga Stretching
- Low yoga
- Kundalini Yoga
- Yoga Nidra
- Laughter Yoga

Tantra dance

Tantra asks you to accept yourself as it is, to love it without judging it. It is difficult to meet a person whose body is not “tight”.

Pilates Reformer

Precision exercises for the body with the center of the body as the main axis. Develops flexibility, strength, balance and harmony you need.

Take a lesson with me

- Yoga lessons at my gym
- Summer Yoga in the nature
- Yoga Vacation in Corfu


Choose the place that suits you the most and spend your precious vacation in Corfu Island doing Yoga and meditating. Simply contact me for further details.


Detoxing methods to clear your body and soul! Contact me now for further details.