Nikoll - Yoga Teacher in Corfu - Corfu Yoga Teacher

About Nikoll

Nikoll was born in Bucharest, Romania on August 7, 1967. As a energetic girl full of thirst for sports she started at the age of seven in the field of sportive gymnastics, having had as a model the idol of every girl of that generation, Nadia Comaneci the legendary gymnastic prodigy. She continued with rhythmic gymnastics where she soon qualified for the Romanian National Team and was involved in championships up until she was 15.

She had a difficult childhood in an enclosed school, where the training program in gymnastic was brutal. She had to show maturity at a tender age while representing the colors of Romania in major competitions at both the National and European levels.

The work ethic and discipline needed to reach that level of competitive championships helped her later to achieve all the goals she set for herself.

At the age of 15 she stopped training as a gymnast and started training in classical athletics (Track & Field) where in a very short time she excelled at the art of jumping, especially High Jump. A year later, as a 16 year old, she qualified for the girl’s National Team in High Jump with a performance of 1.75 m. She continued training in High Jump until she was 21, when she could accomplish a jump of 1.85 m. Her hard work and her discipline paid off as she received several medals mostly gold in her career in High Jump.

In 1985-1989 she was admitted to the University of Physical Education (T.E.F.A.A.) of Bucharest. She represented the University of Bucharest for three years in various major events (such as Universiade) both on National and on European levels with her performance reaching 1.89 m.

In 1992 she graduated with honors and received her Master of Arts degree specializing in classical sports, the only student at the time to receive full marks (10). She dreamed of becoming a teacher different than the teachers she had been accustomed to, she dreamed of teaching children with all the kindness and all the love that she had been deprived of.

In 1989 after marrying a Greek man she settled in Corfu. She initially worked as a Phys Ed teacher in Corfu Town primary schools, while she also worked in a private gym and in mass sports departments. During 10 years she coached high level Track & Field athletes at Club Hermes Corfu.

In 1992 Nikoll opened her 1st Fitness Center, 3 Fitness Centers followed in a row, until 2016 when she opened her 4th Fitness Center which includes a Yoga Studio yoga called Nikoll Yoga & Fitness Center Plus.

She has over 35 years of experience in working with the body as a coach and as a personal trainer and over 25 years of experience in holistic mind-body and soul approach involving Yoga, Pilates and Meditation.

The path of yoga and meditation, a path she initially sought out for herself is now something she gratefully shares with her students.

Drawing from her years of training and from her rich life experience as well as her unique perspectives, she is able to share her vast knowledge of the body/mind/soul approaches with love and respect.

Nikoll is a vibrant woman who leads from the heart and works passionately to support and empower people to be healthy and fit both physically and spiritually.