Nikoll's Career path

Nicoll is a Physical Education teacher, a graduate of the University (TEFAA) of Bucharest, Romania (1989) and a Master of Arts with Honors in classical sports (1992). She is an athletics coach specializing in jumping, having founded the athletics club “ERMIS KERKYRAS” with fifteen years of experience and distinctions at the national and pan-European levels.

She is a Yoga Teacher graduate of the Fitness school grafts-yoga works letter of completion 2008-2009 with the title Advanced yoga trainer. (Teacher Anna Zorzou) She still teaches today (vinyasa yoga, yoga stretching, yoga Nidra, and kundalini yoga.)

She is a kundalini yoga teacher since 2014 with a recognized diploma from the Omakoeio of Athens Nikolaos A. Margioris, teacher of Smaro Kosmagoglou. And trained in meditation and internal alternative healing. (September 2015) She has been initiated into the art of Angelic REIKI (Healing Community in Greece). (Teacher Eleni Bogdani)

In 2016 she attended the internationally recognized yoga laughing seminar (Teacher Vasiliki Skrekou). (Laughter Yoga International University- Dr Madan Kataria) She became the coordinator of “Yoga Laughing” in Corfu, opening the 13th laughter club in Greece.

She has attended Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) courses (2016-2019).

Self-awareness and Holistic Therapy Seminars

She has been introduced to the art of REIKI Usui in 2017 by Kaintazi

Malamatenia in Athens (Hilarion Treatment and Research Center)

For a deeper understanding of YOGA, she has attended seminars at the Satyananda Yoga meditation centre in Peania, Athens, specializing in yoga Nidra, which she still teaches today.

She deals with nutrition and has especially studied and implemented the Hippocratic Diet under the instructions of the Holistic Homeopath Dimitra Tillianaki.

Her search for the spiritual path of meditation and esoteric philosophy led her to the great enlightened Master Osho Rajneesh.

Seven years of attending seminars and training on Tandra. (Tandralife school-Meditation with Tandra teacher Radha C. Luglio) In 2018 she takes sannyas under the name of Ma Prem Adima and in 2019 she completes the Tandralife training in Tuscany, Italy.

Nicoll’s Business Activity:

Nicoll Lolea has been active in the field of fitness since 1991.

Currently, she is the owner and general manager of the business – Nikoll Yoga  Fitness Center Plus in Corfu. She has opened four gyms to date, having 30 years of experience in the field of fitness, yoga, Pilates and meditation.

Her first gym for 11 years under the brand “CHAMP HEALTH CLUB” in the centre of Corfu.

The second and largest “CHAMP HEALTH CLUB” in Solari Corfu.

The third on-site Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel for 6 years

The fourth Nikoll Yoga branded gym Fitness Center Plus is in Solari Corfu.

She has also founded the “Hermes Corfu” sports gymnastics club with 15 full years of experience having sportsmen and women with great distinctions at national, pan-European and world levels.

Her vision is to share her knowledge and love for fellow human beings through the beautiful space of her gym and beyond. Her years of experience as a fitness trainer, trainer, yoga teacher have led her to a conclusion about life adopting a holistic mind-body-soul approach.