Laughter Yoga

In March 1995 a physician in Mumbai, India, Madan Kataria, wrote an article entitled: “Laughter – the best medicine”. After researching with the help of his wife, he realized that our body cannot distinguish between feigned and spontaneous laughter, resulting in the same benefits for the body and mind.

This is how Laughter yoga began. Specific exercises combined with breathing techniques derived from Yoga.

Anyone can laugh, without relying on humor derived from jokes or comedy.

Healthy laughter has significant short- and long-term benefits to the mind and body such as:

  1. Improves communication
  2. Releases endorphins
  3. Enhances the free flow of emotions, releasing blocked and repressed emotions
  4. Inhibits the effects of anxiety, melancholy, sadness, depression
  5. Creates an emotional catharsis
  6. Stimulates and strengthens the immune system
  7. Provides an excellent cardiorespiratory exercise
  8. Enhances the circulation of the digestive and lymphatic system
  9. Helps in anti-aging


The goal of Laughter Yoga is to connect people at the heart level, without any judgment. The spirit of laughter promotes ideas of appreciation and forgiveness, lifting mood and making people happier

Laughter Yoga is usually done in a group, under the guidance of a trained and certified coordinator.