TANTRA dance - osho meditation

Tantra asks you to accept yourself as you are, to love yourself without judging yourself. It is difficult to meet a man whose body is not “tightened”. This intensity of the daily routine prevents energy from flowing in our body.

Through various relaxation techniques and experiential exercises of OSHO, we learn to “cleanse” our body of everything oppressed.

According to Osho Rajneesh, Tantra is not concerned with the “why” of things but with the “how”. It is not concerned with what the truth is, but with how we can approach it. Osho was an internationally recognized Indian philosopher and enlightened teacher whose teaching focused on: the importance of meditation, self-knowledge, self-love, creativity and bliss.

Nikoll in 2016 seeks more deepening of inner understanding and thus comes the “way” to get acquainted with the teaching of Osho and specifically with the TantraLife method

TantraLife is a method that aims to connect the everyday life of modern man with spirituality and self-love. The inspiration of the method is Radha C. Luglio, a meditation teacher with many years of experience in trainings and seminars internationally. He lived in Pune, India, in the Ashram of the enlightened teacher Osho, for over twenty years

We are used to rationalizing everything, and when we move away from our emotions we are usually scared and do not know what to do. The aim of the method is to help us get in touch with our inner self, our core, removing any repressed emotions that hinder the smooth flow of our energy.

We learn through various techniques, experiential exercises, Osho meditations, movement, dance and consciousness exercises how to truly live each moment and love ourselves.