Usui Reiki

Reiki is an ancient method of natural healing of body and mind that is done by projecting energy onto suffering areas.

The energy is grounded by the therapist who has been trained on it and with the projection of his hands works on points we call energy centers.

Reiki means energy flow and that’s exactly how it works. The founder of Reiki, Migato Usui, a Japanese monk discovered how to connect with this energy and thus was able to pass it on to others as a healing energy method.

Nowadays many people are mentally, mentally, physically and emotionally ill. They have lost their morale, they are pessimistic and negative towards life.

Experiences with Reiki therapy, in cases where there are difficulties in human communication, also show us that it brings calmness, mental balance and harmony to relationships. It also helps people cleanse themselves of repressed emotions, throw them out and move forward on the path of life consciously with love for themselves and others.

Reiki cultivates the positive attitude of the individual towards life and can influence those around him through his “radiance”. It cultivates self-confidence and offers us help in difficult situations.