Yoga Stretching

Yoga Stretching is aimed at people who are not required to have experience in similar movement systems. It helps release muscle tension, softens joints and opens the meridians in our body. We breathe better and relax.

Based on the kinetic system of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and using elements from kinetic systems such as modern dance, stretching and relaxation exercises, thus marrying east with west, Yoga Stretching aims to recognize and strengthen our musculoskeletal system and at the same time open the meridian channels of our body.

Starting with a good warm-up in our muscles, joints and spine, Yoga Stretching is addressed to both beginners and students familiar with similar movement systems.

We decongest our body from tensions, soften our joints and tone our muscles, breathe better, relax and always complete with a calm mood for our body and spirit.